Friday June 26th 2015… 09:00 am Glasgow city centre, and it’s just another grey morning like any other in Scotland. Only there are a small group of people gathering on John Street who have come along to show their support for one of the cities most iconic venues of culture and clubbing this city has and will ever see.

Looking around at the faces, it’s not rowdy punters from the club nights, It’s just normal people fighting to save their jobs. There are people from the arts side and the clubbing side alike, Artists, Promoters, Dj’s and also from Groove City Radio..

Not quite sure what GCC were expecting but the Police Scotland are also in attendance, much to the amusement an bewilderment of everyone there…. So the speakers took to the stage, every one as passionate as the next in every word they said ! i looked round the crowd of people and couldn’t help but notice the young children playing with their ‘save the arches’ banners.. The closure of The Arches has affected a lot of people, including them now their parents are fighting to keep their jobs… It has had an affect on everyone mentioned, including Groove City Radio…

We pride our selves on the fact we were in a position to bring college students into the station for very valued work experience working in a live studio setting with some of Scotland’s best Dj’s.. And that sometimes included them joining our production teams for live broadcasts from some of the biggest club nights at this venue, with some of them being dj’s & music producers them selves, they had that stepping stone through working with Groove City Radio and the likes of Colours, they were given the chance to play in a venue that EVERYONE want’s to have ‘I’ve played the arches’ on their C.V….. It’s the venue that most of us of a certain age have grown up with, had some of the best night’s of our lives in, found and made life long friends in, seen most of the worlds biggest artists play in and watched peoples careers take off from….

But it’s all gone now…. Or is it ? As the crowd drifted away after the speakers had finished… some passionate chants of *save our arches *sack the board and from the clubbers among us a burst of *HWFG and *ONE MORE TUNE just for the road…. We urge everyone to keep an eye on the #savethearches social media pages and come along to next rally and show your support if you want to help make a difference…. The future of Glasgow’s club culture is in our hands ! “PEOPLE MAKE GLASGOW” That means you….

Hope to see you all at the next one 😉


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