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Monthly Tuesday @ 22:00 – 00:00

CF3on is a vinyl collector, DJ, Producer and Headphone enthusiast from deepest darkest North Lanarkshire. CF3on started playing hardcore and rave records in the early 90`s, before moving through phases including house music, breaks, progressive and trance before settling with techno, broken beats and acid.

‘Technically impeccable, The Glaswegian lad mixed and scratched his way through a techno / beats set in a manner that Dave Clarke, or even Terminator X would have approved of’

CF3on’s energetic style, described above by Muzik Magazine, is heavily Influenced and inspired by mix tapes of DJs such as Marc Smith, Dave Clarke & Ben Sims at events including Rezerection, Inside Out, The Tunnel, The Metro, Room at the Top and Pressure to name a few.

Career highlights include appearances for Soma, performances at Cream in Liverpool, The Arches in Glasgow and 2 Dance in Amsterdam.

Tech-Know Radio continues to gain momentum as we charge towards out 40th episode, growing from strength to strength with the help of my brilliant residents Lee Clark, Disgo & MaGoo. 

Expect ‘acid, techno, beats and bleeps’ during our monthly Tuesday night slots. Whether it`s from the depths of Lee`s eclectic collection, picks from Disgo`s vast vault of plastic or MaGoo`s relentlees heavy beats, it will be quality in variation between 10pm and midnight on Techno Tuesdays on 88.6fm.