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Charity Soul is all about enjoying Soul Music whilst raising money for cancer stem cell research.

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About the Research ……
The scientists in this unit are working in the area of cancer stem cells. This is a relatively new and exciting area of research. There are labs all over the world working on different cancer stem cells in different cancer types. Knowledge obtained in one cancer can be useful in another cancer types. Cancer stem cells are considered as the root of the cancer and are not susceptible to current chemotherapy and radiotherapy. During the last ten years Prof Maitland’s team has isolated and characterized these cells and now the aim of the research is focused on what makes these cells different, how to sensitise them to current treatments as well as developing new treatments. A few years ago, the YCR Cancer Research Unit was recognised internationally as the best research group in its field, after the Prof Maitland and colleagues found “the root” of prostate cancer and revolutionised research methodology. Prof Maitland says ‘existing therapies for treating prostate cancer attack the ‘leaves’ rather than the ‘root,’ making it likely for many men that the disease will recur after primary treatment such as radiotherapy. Prof Maitland’s team at the Yorkshire Cancer Research (YCR) Unit have discovered how to isolate the tumour stem cells, which make up one in 1,000 of cancer cells. These stem cells can be likened to the root of prostate cancer.

“After losing a very close friend to cancer I decided to ask friends and promoters in the Northern Soul circles to help. My question was simple…
‘Would you support me if a charity based on our love of Northern Soul was created to raise money for frontline Cancer Research?’
They all answered YES and Charity Soul was born.
The initial idea has evolved into something very special and is now increasing with support from promoters, DJ’s and of course the many lovers of Northern Soul who have attended our events. Your help and support can help us send money direct to the “coalface” of the frontline research to fight the battle against cancer.”
Terry Hopkinson
After extensive research we identified acclaimed Professor, Norman Maitland who is conducting pioneering research into prostate cancer at York University. After meeting Professor Maitland and his team at York University we decided this was the project “Charity Soul” will be supporting. We have ensured, every pound of our donations received will be added to Professor Maitland`s budget, thus helping to support the ongoing pioneering research in York.

“Current treatments for prostate cancer are like using a weed killer that kills the leaves but the weed can grow back. What we are doing is the same as ‘Roundup’, kill the cancer at the roots and then we kill the leaves then the cancer can’t grow back””.
…Prof Norman Maitland

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