Scottish Born underground DJ Stewart Wilson has crafted his passion from the young age of 12.
At 10, his eldest sister came home with rave tapes from her friends at school that set the wheels in motion for Wilson’s desire to be behind the decks. After listening to these rave tapes constantly for 2 years, he then went on to purchasing his first set of turntables at the ripe age of 12.

A short time after in 2000, When Wilson was only 14 he began performing at events up and down the Scottish Borders with hard dance and tribal music as his genre of choice at the time. Something now young DJs could only dream of. He then turned his craft to Deep House and Techno after two years in events at the age of 16 he gained his first sets in clubs warming up for guest DJs from the worldwide headliners to the new evolving talents who are now household names.

With a sheer passion of 4/4 beat dance music, there was no doubt at the rate of success Wilson was having that he wouldn’t’t turn his hand to production. Building from his 4/4 beat passion, his production delves into two contrasting styles that stem from his younger years. with a funky twist to the groovy tribal sound from his youth. Wilson hones into the underground with a new edge that has earnt the support from various DJs Globally including Joseph Capriati, Richie Hawtin, Sossa, Eddy  Romero, Daniel Derek, Kiss FM and more.

Already signed to 18-09 Records, Tokyo Red, Ametist Records and more recently Detriot based Slur Records. Stewart Wilsons sheer passion and determination is what sets him apart from the current boom of DJs globally. Get ready to watch him evolve.