THE   L E M O N S O L E   SHOW presented by RAB BOB SINCLAIR

Every 2nd Sunday @ 14:00 – 16:00

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Rewind to 1987… A young blue eyed soul boy and avid scooter boy was given a golden opportunity to spin some of his valued Northern Soul collection at the legendary Carlton Studios All-Nighter in Morecambe. The decade that ensued found Rab Bob Sinclair DJing in various Soul venues up and down the country, including the highly respected ‘Kilt’ in Lanarkshire under the auspicious ‘Jailbait Soul Club’ banner.

By now a key figure in the Scottish Soul scene, Rab was instrumental in co-founding ‘Soul-ution’, Lanarkshire’s longest running and most successful Sunday Night that he ran with with the late Colin ‘Sid’Wilson, and also the late great Brian ‘Barney’ Welsh who was a lifelong DJing/collecting inspiration to Rab. Rab’s hunger for new musical genres steered him towards the then burgeoning Garage and House scene, initially inspired by his visits to the ‘Club 9’ events where SSW’s Yogi was resident. I always recall seeing Yogi Haughton arriving to do his set with a leather track suit with a huge Gucci emblem embossed on the back of the jacket and thinking… “Wow this is interesting, he spun Beloyd’s ‘Get Into Your Life’ and literally blew me away that night!”

At the age of twenty, Bob the DJ/ come promoter was regularly playing at numerous nights in the central belt of Scotland on the thriving Soul scene. Another venture into promoting was ‘Soulphuric’ with Mark Linton in Glasgow, before making the transmission to the hugely successful ‘Lemon’ nights alongside Streetrave’s Iain ‘Boney’ Clark.

Now Rab is very much doing his own thing, often disillusioned by the apparent ‘soul snobbery’ in the scene (something he always despised) and people’s reluctance to listen and embrace new aspects of black oriented dance music. This musical wilderness kickstarted a twelve year hiatus in Rab’s DJing activities, before returning to the decks literally three years ago to flex his skills once again. Last year was a busy period with Rab now rebuilding a healthy Soul core following by broadcasting his ‘Jailbait Soul Show’ fortnightly on , which includes all aspects of ‘black music’ with his tag and life mantra ‘unadulterated Soul Music with no boundaries’. Gigging regularly at the reinvented ‘Club 9’ events, ‘The Levelone’ dayers and his latest projects, ‘Afroboogie’ and not forgetting his own musical vehicle ‘l e m o n s o l e’ and his latest incarnation ‘The Brunswick Sessions’.2016 saw Rab playing The Shrine room at The Scottish Soul Weekender in Silloth and playing the main room at the STREETrave alldayer to a hugely receptive crowd. Playing along side the likes of John Morales and Paul Trouble Anderson.

It also saw the launch of the brand new ‘l e m o n s o l e ‘radio show fortnightly on from 2-4. You know he got soul….If he didn’t, He wouldn’t be here……..