Still Distant Records the Radio show
Is fronted by label owners
New Town Ground & Paulitical along with our resident Dj Ian Wilson.New Town Ground & Paulitical have enjoyed constant and solid individual releases on labels such as, Pitch Dark Records, SDR, Northern Industrial Movement, Dark Disco to name a few!!

The pair also have a project –
SCOTTISH POWER, which sees them deliver meaningful, hard & at times fast EBM / Post Punk along.
Steve & Paul are also knocking out events in Glasgows Favourite Clubs under the labels Still Distant umbrella.

Ian Wilson – This Guy has a Vinyl collection only few have can curate over a couple of decades. I true hidden Gem of a DJ with the personality too match!
Ian has been involved with the Radio show since before it was Still Distant records and under the Guise of Locked In Sessions. Ian is now an integral part of the SDR show and events team.

What to expect on our show?The unexpected!!