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If there’s one group that has dominated the globe’s hottest radio playlists over the last few years – it’s Gorgon City. Turn on any credible pop station during drive time and you’ll inevitably soon be listening to hits like “Ready For Your Love” (80 million streams on Youtube & Spotify), “Imagination” (58m), “All Four Walls” (22m), “Here for You” (20m). The list goes on….

Kye Gibbon and Matt Robson-Scott have achieved quite startling successes since forming Gorgon City in 2012. From their incredible run of chart hits and star collaborations (with the likes of Jennifer Hudson, Wyclef Jean, Vaults, Elderbrook, Zak Able…) to sell out tours and headline festival appearances the world over they are stratospheric stars and we are thrilled to announce the launch of their brand new weekly radio show – Kingdom which will feature the hottest music from their studio as well as the music that inspires them on the road.

From 21st century hyper-pop to twisted acid house and righteous breakbeat, Kingdom is the sound of two young global super stars having the time of their lives.