Pete Gooding presents Secret Life Sunday 23:00-00:00 19th October 2014

On secret Life this week Pete Gooding showcases the following tracks…

Talamanca System – Balanzat [International Feel]
Telephones – Hot Destinations For A Cooler You [Running Back]
KZA – Le Troublant Acid [Endless Flight]
Napoleon – Moogie Wonderland [Secret Life Records]
Mark E – Night Heart [Futureboogie Recordings]
Korrupt Data – Cryogene [Planet E]
Kink – Bitter Sweat [?]
Buffiman – Fantasy [Verein Frier Menschen & Musik]
Violent Romance – Open Me (Amy Dabbs Infinite Horizon Remix) [Secret Life Records]
Tornado Wallace – Circadia [E.S.P Institute]
Waldemar Schwartz – Taza De Oro [Golf Channel Recordings]
Try To Find Me – Needs Ending [Gold Channel Recordings]

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