LEVELONE MONDAY CLUB presents Guest mix from Julian Perera (NorabeZ) Monday 23rd Feb 2015 / 20:00 – 22:00 gmt

“This show will feature a special Guest mix by Julian Perera aka NorabeZ .

Julian has played around Edinburgh in late 90’s early 00’s a few spots at Belle Angel, the Bongo Club ! He has ran nights at Heriot Watt students union, and did gigs about Perth and Auchterarder. As he said in his own words nothing glam…. Just loved the music and mixing. I’ve dj’d with all formats and still love vinyl…i own a pair of silver SL1200’s…. but also embrace technology. A lot of tracks these days are designed for the new technology with short intro’s etc…. It would be a nightmare on vinyl with some of todays best tracks he uses all formats Vinyl Cd’s and Traktor. Musical styles house minimal tech and techno. The mix tonight is housey and has some commercial elements thrown in for good measure .Oh… and he has warmed up for Brandon Block and Simon Paul (lost witness) was on the same bill that night

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