Iain Boney Clark’s House Matters is delighted to bring you ‘My Favourite Mix’ feat. Tam Brown

Tam started djing around 1974 at his local youth club in moffat playing mostly soul 45’s and that is probably were he got the djing bug. He then moved back to Dumfries in 1978 were he started working in an independent record shop which also ran all the mobile discos as they were called then and he also had the residency for the first disco/club in the town which he played in 7 nights a week, as well as a number of venues throughout the south west of Scotland. In the late eighties Tam found himself getting more involved with the rave/dance culture which was kicking off big time in Scotland, Tam and his friends would organise and dj. At secret rave parties in very remote areas in the countryside. As the rave scene faded away Tam found himself djing at club nights all over the uk playing more soulful house and doing his own nights in Dumfries. Due to work commitments in 2003 Tam decided to have a break from the djing side of things as he was working away a lot, then about 5 years ago Tam started going to the Dumfries soul nights which then kicked off his djing bug again, since the early days Tam always loved northern soul & motown and also 70’s soul music, so he decided to start playing the music that he loved as a kid. So as you can see Tam Brown a.k.a. dj.teebee is a soul boy at heart who loves his soul music, from the 60’s to the present day, it’s soul all the way, Tam will also be DJ’ing at SSW5 at Stanxix holiday park in Silloth on the 5/6/&7th June 2015

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