THE DEFECTORS SHOW presents Fox Trot / Tuesday 11th Nov 2014 / 22:00-00:00 gmt

On this edition of The Defectors Show, Kris Kato brings you a guest mix from Fox Trot..

He started to learn how to dj after attending Edinburgh raves at an early age using his brothers passport as id, most frequent at the club night Jakn! – Decks were always “open” as such, at their after parties and it took him nearly a year of solid practicing before he stood up at one of these parties and done his first performance…. “so have a lot to thank the Jakn lads for setting such high standards” ! – Since then he has carved away at his trade and played at a number of Edinburgh’s techno club nights such as Jakn, ETC, Pulse, Terror, to name a few, but over past couple years he’s mostly been mixing outdoor raves as part of the mighty 6am Anon Free Party Sound System!- “With mixing now feeling like an expression and it being second nature to me it was always natural to move into producing also” At the start of his production journey but he hopes to make some proper groovy stomperz!

He will also be releasing material under the new glasgow based label – The Apache

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