BINARY SESSIONS presents guests $ynth-Ryder & Waxxy Warlu$ Monday 8th December 2014 19:00-20:00 gmt

Coming up from David & Ramis of the Binary Sessions a double guest mix..

Both hailing from Glasgow, $ynth-Ryder gives you the big bass and heavy synth lines from retro 80s vibes, modern day hiphop and bootlegs, ideal soundtrack for late night drives or after party’s.

Waxxy Warlu$ is pioneering the Jersey Club sound with club bangers and remixes of every RnB and hiphop track you could ever imagine. His mixes are unique and draw the listeners in with his attention to detail and ear for good hooks.

Together the back to back set will be massive, with a whole mix of different tracks and genres mixed in one. Tune in for the exclusive $ynth-Ryder B2B Waxxy Walru$ #BinarySessions Takeover! Monday 8th of December 7 to 8pm on Groove City Radio.

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