WE LOVE FUNDAYS new show feature 14/1/15

This weeks We Love Funday’s show sees a new addition to the feature favourite’s. They will be adding ‘Random Generator’ to their features. This is a random song from their extensive library of music and played live on air. Tune in from 10pm GMT on Wednesdays to hear the new feature.

DIFUSION “The Neck Brace Mixes” with Jamie McShane 11th Jan 2015

Groove City radio are pleased to announce a new monthly show… Diffusion “The Neck Brace Mixes” with host Jamie McShane will start this Sunday 11th January at 10:00gmt. Here is a bit about Jamie…

Jamie McShane (aka Difusion)…. an artist and Dj and a huge connoisseur of black music. Jamie got into music when he was 10 yrs old when in London visiting his sister…His sister was married to ‘Bluey’ the front man of Incognito.

He was playing guitar and Paul “Tubbs” Williams was playing bass in the living room-they were writing the first Incognito album (Jazz/Funk) He can remember sitting watching and listening thinking “What is this sound?” especially the sound Tubbs was making from the bass.
He asked Bluey ‘What is this?’,He told him it was ‘slapping the bass. From then on Bluey would always take Jamie to the studio and as Jamie got older he would go on tour with them.

When he was maybe sixteen or seventeen he let me hear The Headhunters album and that was it for Jamie!
This album had all for Jamie and really got him into Jazz/Funk.

He also remembers going to Club 9 when he was 17 or 18yrs and hearing Yogi Haughton play some awesome shit but the track that got Jamie asking questions was Big Daddy Kane “Warm it up Kane” that was when he knew he was into hip hop because Hip Hop is basically Funk loops with someone rapping over them.

People that influenced Jamie included-
Bluey – he became like a father figure.
Colin ‘Sid’ Wilson – because of the time they spent together ( Sid Knows more about music than he’ll ever know).
Yogi Haughton- He moved to Jamie’s home town Wishaw when he was about 19yrs, he was another one who took Jamie under his wing and let him hear more rare grooves and underground ‘Bizness’.

When he was 21yrs old he became friends with Colin Sid Wilson, both of them bought Technics 1210’s.
Jamie built his first studio known as the “Sugar Shack” a tribute to the Marvin Gaye album from 76, in my garage. Sid and Jamie bought studio gear and started making theirr own tunes with the help of Daniel Maunick Aka “Dokta Venom” then released our first 3 track 12″ on their own label “Straight Talk Records” followed by two other 12′ on Far out Records and Solaria records (Bluey Sings on one track).

Sid and Jamie became inseparable…you can ask Jamie’s wife?? Every Saturday and Sunday they were off digging for records and they were in the studio fuckin about most week nights.

Jamie started doing the infamous Kilt Soul nights in Newmains with Sid which he had being doing for while and became residents with Sid at club 9. Also played regularly in Edinburgh playing hip hop and Funk…One of Jamie’s favorite places was the “Honeycomb” because of it’s low ceiling and awesome sound system!!

Jamie loves listening to music that makes your head nod & comes straight from the soul (any genre) and you can hear him Monthly Sundays 10:00-12:00 on the 11th Jan, 8th Feb, 8th Mar, 5th Apr, 3rd May, 31st May… to be continued!